Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lost Planner

Sometime between Sunday and today, I misplaced my Monthly Planner.
This is bad. I had to call the doctor's office to find out the time of the appointment I know I have today... and even had to look up the phone number on the Internet, since the Monthly Planner also contains all the addresses/phone numbers in use this current year. I've retraced my steps and scoured my room, to no avail.
I must have left it at the nursing home when I visited Mom. Will return there on Thursday, and hope it's there.

I love Elizabeth Bishop's poem "The Art of losing isn't hard to master..."
because she describes my experience too. Lately I've been thinking of writing a poem called "Incremental Losses." But that's not a good way to start writing a poem.
I need to start with images. Maybe this Monthly Planner will be a good image.

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