Sunday, July 3, 2011

July already

Where have these weeks gone? I feel guilty for not adding to this blog. I've been out of school... no excuse.
One week spent at Cape May
Four days spent in Cincinnati
Two weekends spent working with the incoming freshmen at the Mount.
Many days spent catching up on dentist, doctors, etc.

I have been writing... new manuscript, which I was calling Incremental Losses, but which I am now calling Vexed Questions. I heard my colleague Sarah Scott use that term to refer to still unsolved questions regarding Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."

According to the dictionary, it is a legal term which means "Point of law,often discussed or agitated,never determined or settled...difficult and troubling..."

The term fascinated me, and I've set up the manuscript in sections headed by some of my own vexed questions.

Actually, I have many vexed questions. More later.

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad you finally updated! I definitely like the new title better. I wonder if we have any of the same vexed questions! I'll be in Eburg the 11th-12th for the diocese of Arlington's FIAT days, maybe I'll see you around the PH!