Saturday, July 9, 2011

St.Joseph Provincial House

I belong to a Religious Congregation, the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. The community was founded in 1633 in Paris, but its US foundation came in 1809, right here in Emmitsburg Maryland, where I live.

It's a large apostolic community with about 80 provinces all over the world. The founding US province in Emmitsburg eventually became 5 US provinces, but this month we are going back to 2 provinces in the US, primarily due to fewer members. The Provincial House for this combined province will be in St. Louis MO, so very shortly, Saint Joseph Provincial House in Emmitsburg will no longer exist. The big building is morphing into "Saint Joseph Ministries" comprising the residence for our retired sisters as well as a skilled care facility for other people, and, hopefully, HUD-funded single apartments for the elderly.

I hope to continue living here and teaching over at the Mount. And writing and birding and gardening.

Attached is a nine minute slide show video of some of the faces of our sisters, and some scenes of the building, that I took over the last 15 years:

St.Joseph Provincial House

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