Monday, August 8, 2011

Recent Publications

My poem “The Least Terns” is up on the Miriam’s Well blog.

And I just received word from Lalitamba that two of my poems, which they accepted in 2008, appear in their latest print publication.  Better late than never!

Here they are:

The Angel and the Gargoyle
I'm into God; I perch on stone pillars.
Spread golden light; spew rain water.
I wear a halo; I wear pigeon dung.
Deliver messages; spring and crouch.
Golden light like honey; dirt encrusts my cow face.
I accompany travelers; I guard the gates.
Kneel over graves; hunch over parapets.
Deliver death; terrify children.
Wings like hope; browns like shelving.
I'm always eighteen; no one asks.
My eyes lift to heaven; elbows on knees,
palms raised in praise ; chin gripped in talons.
Both of us brace, grace,
corners of garden,
walls of cathedral.
Angry Enough to Die
God found Jonah and asked him, "Have you reason to be angry?"
      "I have reason to be angry," Jonah answered God,
       "Angry enough to die."
My shady gourd plant is gone,
my cucumber, my castor,
under which I sheltered,
within which I heed.
Now I grope for the sky, that false mirror,
hot burning my skin,
skin cancer blossoming like a dandelion.
I have reason to be angry.
I have still not tasted
the flavor of my tears.
Still I mirror
Magritte's painting,
where the sand yellow leaf blossoms a watchful hawk,
though the leaf borer makes lace of his breast
so the grey sea gapes though it.
Angry enough to die.
I'll eat and drink till my heart chars.
Till that sunset burns clear through.
He is not speaking.
I lower my concrete mask
and listen.

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