Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cherry Bells Ringing

The photo at the top of the page shows Cherry Bells, which are blooming right now in my garden.

I have a pitcher full of them, and some red roses, on my bureau behind the statue of the Virgin Under the Earth  from Chartres.

This is the thirteenth day of my summer vacation. I wrote more in this blog when I was busy with school work. Where have these days gone - how have I spent them?  Many hours sleeping - a luxuriating sleep.  Other hours gardening; the garden looks much better; still many buckets of mulch to go, though.  Yesterday I baked all day - bread and sticky buns for the upcoming week at Cape May.

I spent many hours reading Brave New World. My university is devising a new Core Curriculum; the Freshman Seminar course I have taught for thirteen years is being totally revamped.  The first text in the new course is Brave New World. I must have read this in high school , but have no memory of reading it.  Reading it this time is a disturbing experience.  I need to spend a whole post talking more about it.

I've been to several poetry readings: last night, at the Carroll County Arts Center in Westminster.
I ate dinner before it with my poet friends Katy, Marty, Gary and his wife, and Michael. Then we all trooped over to hear Laura Shovan and another poet whose name I don't remember  - read.

What else?  I ate dinner with Mary Steiner, a new friend and former student from 35 years ago, and that night I gave a poetry reading in Takoma Park - it was a lot of fun.

This entry sounds more like a calendar report.  I will try to write something more substantive soon.

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