Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on the Cornell Hawks

School starts for me tomorrow with an afternoon of faculty meetings. These meetings precede the arrival of the freshmen on Sunday, followed by Freshman Orientation, followed by the first day of classes.
I will probably not be posting regularly once school gets into full swing... but then, who knows?

Anyway, I've decided to post some photos of the three "Chicks" from the nest at Cornell. They are all fledged and hopefully hunting well. These are fairly recent shots:
C1, taken June 24:

C2, July 3:

C3 - don't know the date:

They are truly breathtaking creatures. And just this past week, the nestcam ( which is still up and running) captured the parents, Big Red and Ezra, on a return trip to the nest. The video filmed them rummaging around for about nine minutes; looked like some bonding and some remote preparations for a nest there again in 2013:

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eileeninmd said...

Cool captures of the hawks. It is nice to see they are doing well. Thanks for sharing, Anne!