Monday, February 18, 2013

Another month gone by

and still I am mired in procrastination and a virtual writer's block.  However, I have written a number of drafts; just not ready to post them here yet.

I have just now emerged from ten or more days of the dreaded FLU.  Thought by February 6 it would have passed me by, but no such luck.  Very painful sore throat and fever for days as well as chest congestion.   I'm feeling much more normal now.  Did have some amazing dreams while feverish!

In the last two or three months I've procrastinated by reading a number of mysteries and police procedurals.  Among them:

Gone Girl  by Gillian Flynn
This was a compulsive read, but in the end I discovered I disliked the main characters so much that I ended up not liking the book.  I felt manipulated by it.
 More recently, I read one of Jonathan Kellerman's more recent mysteries, Bones. I really like Alex Delaware, his psychologist/detective narrator and Milo Sturges, the main detective  This was a good one,
 A few weeks back , I listened to John Harvey's Flesh and Blood as a book on CD. I read about his latest book in a favorable review in the Washington Post, so decided to try him, and liked him very much.  Very tragic, but good.
 I loved The Beautiful Mystery, Louise Penny's latest. This is another detective, French Canadian Armand Gamache, who is a favorite.  Penny delves into the feelings and motives of the characters in a way that I really enjoy.  This one was set in an isolated monastery in the hinterlands of the Province of Quebec.
 Another long time favorite, Detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD, features in Michael Connelly's most recent novel, The Black Box.  This was great.

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Diane Levin said...

I felt exactly the same way about Gone Girl.