Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feeble attempts at Gardening

The new title picture - all the information I have is that it's a "Birds Painting" from the Facebook page Shaman Tube. Wish I knew the painter!

Sunny and 50 degrees today - wonderful.  I spent an hour out in the garden, pruning back the Butterfly Bushes , raking leftover leaves, cleaning out some old lily and gladiolus stalks, and attempting to beat back the tenacious wild strawberries that seem to survive when everything else dies off for the winter.  I had to come in then, sweaty and shaky.

I have been sick for a month. The flu hit me on February 6th, and an upper respiratory infection accompanied the virus. So the doctor gave me both Tamiflu and Azithromycin. So the flu virus lasted its usual two weeks, but the antibiotic was not strong enough to prevent me from getting a sinus infection.  So I went back to the doctor on Feb.21st, and she prescribed Keflex. Now that usually works, and ten days of it also is pretty hard on my system.  However, though I feel somewhat better, the sinus infection is still lurking. I know because I have a sore throat still, and still don't feel really better.  I actually spent most of last week - our Spring Break - in bed... but still not well.  Very discouraging.  But I am dragging myself to school. Actually, teaching enlivens me! But by the evening, I am wiped out.  Last night was our university's annual Relay for Life - a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and I raised some money for it, and usually walk in the Survivors' Walk, but last night I could not get myself back over there for it.  I am sorry to have missed it.

The garden still looks as it did when I took this photo in January; maybe the daffodils and hyacinths are up a bit more, but the intervening cold and snow kept them from growing much. Note the weeks and debris, though:

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