Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two Poets I Love

    The Monosyllable     by Josephine Jacobsen

One day
she fell
in love with its
heft and speed.
Tough, lean,

fast as light
as a cloud.
It took care
of rain, short

noon, long dark.
It had rough kin;
did not stall.
With it, she said,
I may,

if I can,
sleep; since I must,
Some say,

Then, some words on poetry by Jane Hirschfield:


A poem’s music affects us whether or not we make it conscious; still, to study sound’s workings reawakens bother ear and poem. Generalization cannot teach this alertness. It is learned only by saying one poem at a time aloud, completely. Voicing it repeatedly feeling its weights and measures sounding its vowels; noticing where in the body each syllable comes to rest; tasting the consonant’ motion through lips and tongue…”  (9)

Jane Hirschfield   from “Poetry and the Mind of Concentration” in Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry

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