Wednesday, April 3, 2013

College Reunion

I'll be busy the next four days, working at our college reunion.

We are a unique group; our Catholic women's college closed forty years ago, and we still have reunions. The campus and all the buildings were sold to the government in 1979, and FEMA is located there now, so though we visit it, we hold our reunions at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. 
It's an all-class reunion, and usually about 300 women show up for it.  Our Alma Mater's first line goes:  "All together, all together, still, still, we meet..."   and we do.

Here I am in 1970 with my roommate in our dorm room:

and here are four of my classmates ( including my roommate ) at the reunion in 2010:
still, still we meet.

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Donna S. Fernandez said...

So happy for you! Stay the course.