Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Blues Brothers

Still revelling in Cape May...

This morning a friend and I went birding at the Cox Hall Creek WMA  in North Cape May. This one was just purchased in 2006 ; it was formerly Ponderlodge Golf Course!  The folks at New Jersey Audubon have planted many native species there, and have let the whole place turn back to nature.
It was a wonderful three hours -  we must have walked the entire former 18 holes!

Here's the aerial view:

Here's a bird walk advertized on the CMBO site -  we went ourselves on this walk:

It looks like this, but greener and more flourishing since this photo was taken:
 and here

We saw at least 33 species of birds this morning, including what my friend calls "the Blues Brothers"

By that, she means the:
Indigo Bunting       ( photo by Kari Lukens)

Eastern Bluebird     ( photo by Don Freiday)
and  the
Blue Grosbeak  ( photo from the NJAS blog)

The Blue Grosbeak we saw was perched on a wildflower about six feet away from us, just magnificent in the sunshine!

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Candice said...

How fun, Sister. I've never seen a Blue Grosbeak, but have been lucky enough to see the other two "blues brothers."