Thursday, June 13, 2013

The calm after the storm

At least it seems to be after the storm.  We were not affected as much as many in our country.  Extreme weather and disasters continue:  terrible forest fires in Colorado, tornadoes all through the midwest and even into the east, floods and severe thunderstorms.

The sky outside my window looked like this a short time ago:

but I really love this sky even more, from Culpepper County, Virginia, posted by my college classmate Ginny Conmy, and photo by Isabel Brennan:

I just finished re-reading ( or listening to the audiobook ) Watchers  by Dean Koontz.  I read many of his books back in the 1980's and early 90's, but tired of them.  This one was my favorites back then.

It was still suspenseful, even though I knew the ending.  I loved the premise -  recombinant DNA experiments by the Defense Dept.  come up with a most wonderful dog... but also another creature, a creature of rage and destruction.  It's really not very well written; Koontz gives way more exposition than he needs to, among other things.  But it's still a good tale / tail!

Now I am starting on Barbara Kingsolver's  Flight Behavior.  I am expecting to love it, since I loved her novel Prodigal Summer.  I was haunted by The Poisonwood Bible earlier.  I didn't love that one because I hated the father of the family so much that I had to read the ending to make sure things didn't turn out any worse than I thought they would.

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