Thursday, March 20, 2014

Writing and Revising

First day of Spring, and a blustery March day.  I am hoping for good weather on Saturday, so I can get out in the garden and weed.  So I can come back in, smelling like dirt!

Today I spent many hours revising my manuscript of poetry.  It's called  Reconnaissance , which for me means both  spying - ie, a reconnaissance mission --- and the literal meaning, to know again.

I took it from Magritte's painting,  Reconnaissance without End.

I am haunted by this painting, and then again I don't like it because it's up in the air... and I need to be down to earth, and my poems do, too.   But I have a whole section of poems in this manuscript which came from looking at Magritte paintings.

Anyway, I worked  - really, reworked several that have been bothering me, and then sent the manuscript off to a publisher who gave me a little bit of encouragement.  Keeping my fingers crossed.   This manuscript has been rejected at least four times before this, but this time I think it is better.

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