Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is National Poetry Month

and it's a tradition ( with me at least) to try to write a poem a day during this month.  More like a first draft a day.  For today's effort, I am writing about my favorite detective novels

Litany of the Ten Detectives

Spenser, for your love of Susan
 your witty repartee with Hawk,      solve me a mystery.
Wallander, for your pursuit of predators,
of human traffickers,   solve me a mystery.
Harry Bosch, for your battles with  politicos,
 your beer drinking meditations
 on your deck above the Hollywood hills solve me a mystery.
Jack Reacher,  travelling without a suitcase,
furious at the bad guys, solve me a mystery.
Armand Gamache, beloved by Three Pines, solve me a mystery.
Commissaire Adamsberg, struck dumb by mysterious attacks of intuition, 
patient with your quirky detectives, solve me a mystery.
Lizbeth Sallander, hard drives within hard drives, solve me a mystery.
Harry Hole, for your care for the boy Oleg despite everything, solve me a mystery.
Dismas Hardy, wily San Francisco lawyer, solve me a mystery.
Matthew Scudder, guzzling coffee at AA meetings,
sitting in the back pew at the butcher's Mass,
agonizing over murder,
solve me a mystery.
All you flawed and suffering fighters for the right,
solve me a mystery.
  solve me a mystery.


My Inner Chick said...

Coming over from the lovely, Sheila Packa's blog.

I live for POETRY!))

Btw, Lisbeth from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is my HERO.

Diane said...

Love the poem.

Your list is almost all favorites of mine. I will have to try John Lescroat.