Wednesday, April 23, 2014


That's the call of the White-eyed Vireo!

photo from

Highlight of our birding yesterday.  This bird is usually quite elusive and difficult to see, either high up in the trees or lurking in the green thickets.  But yesterday we heard several, very loud and close, and had great "naked eye" views of one.

Another frequent sighting yesterday was the Towhee-  I love this guy and his call:

photo by Diane Porter

Another breathtaking view was a long look at a mature Cooper's Hawk in the act of building a nest high in a fir tree.  Back and forth he/she went, scooping through the trees, gathering sticks and bringing  them back to the nest, seemingly oblivious of us.

photo by davidandry is good, but doesn't do it justice.

We heard the call of the Prairie Warbler numerous times, but didn't get a look. This is one of my favorite birds:
photo by Jim McCormack

It was chilly yesterday and is chilly today; migration is still slow.  I'll be out again tomorrow, I hope.


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