Monday, April 7, 2014

Dreaming of Cheetahs

 Reported in the UK Daily Mail:
The incredible scene was captured by German photographer Chris Du Plessis, when he was shooting wildlife in a South African animal conservation area, a cheetah came to him quietly and lay there...

For some reason, the Cheetah has long been my favorite wild cat.  Something about the face.

Anyway, on this chilly and rainy April night, I post a poem about, not this photo, but dreaming of Cheetahs.

Dreaming of Cheetahs

I stand in the bedroom of my childhood.
I open up my pencil case
and find
a living Cheetah and a wolverine
freeze-dried and condensed there.
I take them out and watch
as they grow into their real size.
They begin to fight each other
with much snarling and lunging.
I wonder which one will win.
I think it will be the Cheetah.

I stand on the porch of a house
I do not recognize.
I see a Cheetah running out of the woods,
running swiftly
directly at me.
I stay where I am. The Cheetah
curls up beside me and
puts her head in my lap.
I pet her. She begins to purr.

I am a cheater.
I wear cheaters,
glasses currently broken
at the stem,
glasses that can’t wipe off
the grey slipper in my left eye.

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