Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Catbird is Back!

(photo by Russell Joseph Reynolds)

Saw him/her this afternoon at my bedroom window feeder - so glad!

I had a good morning of birding at  the Lillian Holt Park in Overlea, in Baltimore, today.

 ( trail in the woods at Holt Park)

 ( pond at Holt Park - saw a Great Blue Heron here)

 Cool and sunny -  many many birds calling, more than I could get my binoculars on.  But I did see 25 species,
among them:

Common Yellowthroat
( photo from Warbler Calls website)


(photo by Sean McCandless)

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

( photo by Jerry Oldenettle)

a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks working together on a nest

( photo by Patrick Harwood)

and one I saw quite clearly, but couldn't identify. When I looked him up later, I think I saw a Solitary Vireo, which if very exciting!  

(Photo by Brooks Mathewson)

Gratitude for these photos -  I don't have a camera with these capabilities.

After my birding,  I went on to visit one of my Baltimore friends,  and then came back to Emmitsburg.

Tomorrow, if the weather is this delightful, I'll try a trail over at the Mount.

Still haven't seen the Rose-breasted Grosbeak...

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