Tuesday, July 8, 2014

After the storm

We had a powerful thunderstorm in this early evening.  Now everything has cooled off about 25 degrees, and my garden is glistening.  I'm photographing it from above, from the bedroom window:

I've also just  had my own storm:  since June 28, I've had severe gastroenteritis -  I am skipping the gory details, but I ended up in the hospital for three days with it, and with dehydration.  Now I am still taking the antibiotics and the anti-vomiting medication, but I am much much better.  Able to think clearly and walk steadily again, thank God!

From June 22-28, I was in St. Louis , at our once every six year Provincial Assembly. Since four of our provinces merged into one in 2011, it was our first large meeting. We've had other gatherings, starting in 2007, but this was the big "canonical" meeting prior to our community's General Assembly in Paris in 2015.   I won't be going to that one!

This is what our group looked like:

I'm in that sea of blue, about five rows in from the front,left center.

It was a grand meeting, but I came home with this bug.  No one else got sick - glad of that.

So I resolve to write more very soon, about all that has been going on in this last month.

Seems that the rain is over, and a cool sweet breeze arrives at my window with a hummingbird.

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