Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Santa Fe and the Turquoise Trail

I made it into Santa Fe only three times during my stay at Glen West: on Tuesday, when I took the bus in from the college and wandered about on my own all afternoon; on Friday, when my friends from home who now live there came and took me out to dinner; on Sunday, when the Shuttle bus picked up its other passengers on the way back to Albuquerque.   It wasn't nearly enough time, but here are some photos from the Tuesday trip:
I'm standing beside the statue of St.Kateri Tekakwitha, in front of Saint Francis Cathedral.

interior of the Cathedral   photo by Greg Friedman

screen behind the altar in the Cathedral    photo by Greg Friedman

On Sunday, our shuttle bus back to Albuquerque took an alternate route. Seems that Interstate 25 was closed due to a traffic pileup, so our driver went via the Turquoise Trail - the Scenic Route:

photo from yoelknits.blogspot.com

Golden Mission , Madrid NM from phunnyfarm.blogspot.com

photo from codytheclydesdale.blogspot.com

Garden of the Gods near Cerrillos NM   photo by galenbeck.de

It was a breathtaking ride !

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