Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting Over Clint Eastwood

National Poetry Month, Day 26

I wrote this one as a prompt for a contest on "Clint Eastwood!"  Why else would I be writing about him?!

Getting Over Clint Eastwood



Too pretty for me as a young man,

even with your grungy cowboy scowls.



I loved you in “In the Line of Fire”

with that grim determination

to catch the assassin.

I would sit next to you

on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

any day.

I knew I was middle-aged when

 I fell for you in

The Bridges of Madison County.

You could drive up to my door in the middle of nowhere

and rest your camera in the summer heat

any day.

But when you talked to the empty chair

at the Republican convention,

I left you for

Agent Gibbs.

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