Sunday, April 12, 2015

Singing In Parts

National Poetry Month, Day 12

Singing in Parts

I loved belonging to the Glee Club in grade school, high school, and college. We sang in three or four part harmony; I was either an alto or a second soprano.  I found I had an ear for music, and could take a middle part and hold onto it without being lured into the part the singer next to me might be singing.  In high school I also sang in "The Crescendos"  , a mixed group, with SATB parts.

This poem comes from a prompt in the NaPoWriMo site on

Singing in Parts 

Come alone, Baritone.
I will introduce you to Contralto.
She reaches low and high,
rich and throaty,
breathy and languid.
Such music you two will make!
Better than the usual
Serious, Angry, Tedious, Brusque,
you two make music Breathtaking, Chaotic,
music which flows unstoppable
as a mud slide
down the scale of surprise.

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