Monday, April 13, 2015

Kyrielle on Fabric

National Poetry Month, Day 13

As I struggled to write a poem for today, what came to my mind was fabric.

I was also trying to write in a new form, the kyrielle.  Here is the result:

Kyrielle on Fabric

Fabric fascinates; the feel of

 corduroy can set me glancing

at the nubby textured wool, while

in my satin dress I’m dancing.


The feel of tulle can make me smile,

ballerina light advancing.

Soft and smooth attract my touch, but

in my satin dress I’m dancing.


Taffeta’s too stiff for much but

 party skirts  and dresses  prancing.

grosgrain ribbons bind me in, though

in my satin dress I’m dancing


Polyester scratches me, so

Slippery nylon blouse I’m chancing.

Bright shines its artificial glow:

in my satin dress I’m dancing.
                                                                 grosgrain ribbon...

shiny nylon
the satin dress!



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