Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's a Jungle Out There

After finishing my thirty poems in thirty days, I abandoned this blog for most of the month of May! I was busy with final days of classes, exams, grading and turning in grades.
 We had graduation on May 10
After that, the pace slowed a bit.  I was able to turn my attention to my garden, which looked like a jungle.  All those lilies of the valley, in particular, had galloped away, encroaching on other plants. The hostas weren't far behind.   I had planted these things over the past ten years, hoping for good ground cover.  I got more than I bargained for!

in all its glory!

The holly bush and the boxwood that the birds planted have expanded to ten times their original size.

The Astilbe, just getting ready to unfold its gorgeous pink feather-like flowers, is squeezed on all sides by lilies of the valley  and Ajuga.

It's a battle for territorial control between the Sedum and the lilies of the valley.  An Easter lily from years past is also making its appearance, not to mention the weeds.  I should learn the name of this weed.

From another angle, one can see the daylilies, hosta, and lamb's ears growing into each other, encroached on the right by lilies of the valley.

from another angle, another volunteer holly, a gladiolus, two hostas, a swamp milkweed, and bee balm. 
from another angle, more hosta, azalea finishing blossoming, lilies of the valley, crocosima, sweet woodruff, and weeds. 
I'm working an hour or more most mornings, weeding , spreading mulch, and beating back the lilies of the valley.
The garden will still be disheveled and disorganized, but it will not be the jungle that it is now.

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