Friday, July 10, 2015

Longwood Gardens

On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting Longwood Gardens with my childhood friend. She and I have walked all over those grounds many times in the 55 years of our friendship, but this was the first one in a long time.

The weather was a little humid but otherwise breezy and lovely. We didn't do the whole grounds; much of one side of the gardens is cordoned off because they are restoring the main fountain area , the bell tower and the rock garden areas.  So we went in the other direction, through the summer flower gardens and onward.


as we entered the summer flower gardens

some Amish visitors were there as well!

concrete gargoyle provides an armrest on one of the benches there
Then, on into the Woodland Path...
and on to the gazebo by the lake...
Then, to see some Amish youngsters feeding the fish:
and on, to one of the three marvelous treehouses - new additions since my last visit
at that point, the batteries in my camera gave out; the next few photos come from Google images:
the Italian Water Gardens:
and to the other two treehouses:
We ended up with lunch at their Café:
All told, it was a lovely time.

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HKatz said...

I visited Longwood Gardens several years ago (maybe in 2009?) and I thought they were beautiful. Loved looking at orchids, hibiscus, topiary, waterfalls… your photos are lovely and bring back beautiful memories.