Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Courtyard Garden Saga, part 2

The transplanting has taken place... in addition to the forty-plus plants I moved, the grounds guys moved 22 hostas, the hydrangea, two astilbes, and the heuchera.  This occurred about three weeks ago. It only rained once in those weeks, and the weather was hot and dry. After a number of email pleas, the grounds guys began a somewhat regular watering ... I was watering at 7PM many nights, one watering can at a time.

But Thursday it really rained, and today, Saturday, it really rained again. It poured. I don't remember when I have been so glad to see rain.

the hosta before its move

and in its new home

a partial view of some of the transplanted hostas.
More to come... 
Meanwhile, back in my other garden, a Monarch caterpillar had found the Swamp Milkweed!
and the Physostegia Virginia, or Obedient Plant, is blooming like crazy.  It's so aggressive that I have had to rein it in, but the bees and hummingbirds love it:
I've also allowed the Pokeweed to flourish, because the birds love its berries, and it's not in a place that would bother any orderly gardeners:

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