Friday, November 6, 2015


NoBloPoMo prompt for today:

What was your biggest fear as a child? Do you still have it today? If it went away, when did your feelings change?

I honestly don't remember having a biggest fear. When I was very small, I was afraid of three things:

1.     The barnacles on the trees in Everhart Park

My mother called them “Barnacles” but now I don’t think that is the correct term.  They didn’t look like the barnacles I saw on Google images; they looked like this one:

Many of them grew on the tall old trees in Everhart Part, the magical park down the street from our house.  I loved the park but was scared of the barnacles.

2.     Birds

I was also afraid of the birds who made so much noise in the bushes outside of our house in the morning.

3.     My Aunt Babe

She was the wife of my father’s brother. She had dancing eyes, a quick wit, and a very large, loud laugh.  It was the laugh that terrified me.



I grew out of all of these fears, and grew into more amorphous ones.

("fear" from kmfineart)

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Marion said...

LOL! You cracked me up with your unique answers, especially your aunt's laugh. :-) I had one fear as a child: death. Before I was 11 years old, I'd been to 8 funerals of family members, two were double funerals of my first cousins: father/daughter, then days later mother/infant son killed by a drunk driver. My father died when I was 5. I no longer have a fear of death, but as a child I just knew Mr. Death was right around every corner waiting to get me or my loved ones. xo