Thursday, November 17, 2016

Losing Hope

I feel the way the woman in this photograph looks.   I'm glad the bear is there to comfort her. I don't seem to have a bear nearby,

Perhaps it's because I've been sick for three weeks: one week with a  "barf your guts out" stomach bug, followed by two weeks of really bad sinus infection and bronchitis.  I am still taking the antibiotics.  This physical state tends to depress a person.

However, the news in our country has also caused me to lose hope.  I see a huge ( as our president-elect would say) crash coming.  The prosperity he has promised to his followers, the really poor and disadvantaged working class white people in the middle of the country, is just not going to happen.
In the meantime, if the Republicans do away with Medicare, old people are going to be dying in the streets.

That's the catastrophe I see coming.  I hope I am wrong, but that's almost the last hope I have tonight.

And in my religious community, the three youngest members left a few weeks ago; not together, but one after another.  What does that mean for the future of our province?  I don't have much hope there, either, and I feel guilty feeling that way.

So I am going to post some pictures I like right now, just to have something more colorful.

That was a truly marvelous moon the other night:

This one is titled "Hypocrisy":


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Mary McElveen said...

Can I just say, "I understand"? That is nowhere near enough, and I have been wrestling with my blog all week, and I still don't know if I will ever be able to finish it. It is see people taken in by Trump's snake oil, when we all know that he cannot deliver on his 'promises'--and that, if he were able to, the results would be disastrous for all. Even worse is the parade of deplorables (thank you, Hillary) that he seems to be looking at for his cabinet and advisors. And--the harm he could do on the Supreme Court. Please, God, spare RBG for at least 4 years!

It is indeed hard to countenance, foot in front of the other, one step at a time, forward, always forward, and we will get through the next four years. Maybe not unscathed, but through. Most of my friends here are determined to do whatever is necessary to combat the depressing status quo, whether that means contributing to organizations that will be negatively impacted or working for candidates who are more in touch with reality. It's a long hard road, but one hopes that it will be brighter at the end.