Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some resolution, and more books

I'm happy to report that Mrs. Brown called me back this morning, and I told there there is something wrong with the forwarding mechanism of their phones.  She said "I've heard that from others, too; I'd better look into that."  She turned out to be very pleasant on the phone, dispelling all my rants of yesterday.  There's still some glitch in my application, but it's due to reporting conflicts with our new Province.  I'm not worrying about it today.

Here are some more books I've been reading during this particular period of procrastination.  I should say that most of them I am listening to, not reading. The full texts are available from the library for download on my faithful ipod.  I save my eyes for school reading, and I will have plenty of that come tomorrow, when the papers and student poems come in.

Anyway, I began to listen to Jane Austen's Emma, but gave up on it. That one I need to read. Too many characters to keep track of .
I read this one years ago, and listened to it this time; again, I gave up on it halfway through, when I remembered the ending!
Tried to find The Day of the Jackal in the library, but no luck. So I watched it on Netflix; I had never seen the film. The film was really good, and the 1970's settings, especially Paris, were great. The actor who played the Jackal, Edward Fox, was another one of those handsome and charming Brits in the clan of Edward Petherbridge.  His 1970's clothes were fun, too:

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