Monday, June 22, 2009

Waiting for Harry Potter

For six years or so I have been fascinated by the Harry Potter books and films.
I'm not sure why! I've read the books and watched the films more than once.
I've also been avidly reading the blogs of Travis Prinzi and Janet Batchelor,
enjoying their grownup perceptions about the characters, and even more, about the
craft of Rowling.

So, the Half-Blood Prince film is due out in less than a month. I'll wait to see it
until at least August, hoping the lines won't be so long then.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lost Planner

Sometime between Sunday and today, I misplaced my Monthly Planner.
This is bad. I had to call the doctor's office to find out the time of the appointment I know I have today... and even had to look up the phone number on the Internet, since the Monthly Planner also contains all the addresses/phone numbers in use this current year. I've retraced my steps and scoured my room, to no avail.
I must have left it at the nursing home when I visited Mom. Will return there on Thursday, and hope it's there.

I love Elizabeth Bishop's poem "The Art of losing isn't hard to master..."
because she describes my experience too. Lately I've been thinking of writing a poem called "Incremental Losses." But that's not a good way to start writing a poem.
I need to start with images. Maybe this Monthly Planner will be a good image.