Monday, December 24, 2012

3:21PM on Christmas Eve

Apologies for almost a month of no posts. Lots of schoolwork and cookie baking and procrastinating.

Right now, it is snowing! So wonderful a surprise on Christmas Eve!It has put me in the Christmas spirit at last.

I watch from the chair in my bedroom ; the window scene is busy with birds. A Mourning Dove fills the entire plexiglass suction cup window feeder, chowing down on the chopped fine walnuts. A male Red-bellied woodpecker feasts on the Cranberry seed and nut cylinder attached to the screen and sitting on the windowsill. A Downy Woodpecker and a White-breasted Nuthatch wait their turn, a well as the Chickadees and Titmice.Not to mention theMockingbird, wary and skittish, but hungry. My fantasy is that I open my window wide and they all fly in and out, perching on my shoulders and hands, allowing me to speak lovingly to each of them and scratch their feathery heads, then flying back out.