Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's been way too long...

How have three weeks gone by?  Actually, it seems longer than that.  The answer:  school has started, and my level of busy-ness has risen exponentially.  Also, my need for rest and downtime has risen.
I attribute this to the energy expended in teaching and also to the allergy medicine I've been taking.
We have a new prescription drug plan, and it won't pay for my old medicine, Singulaire.  I will need to jump through many annoying hoops to get this done, and instead I've resorted to taking Benadryl, which I had on hand.  It works on the hay fever symptoms, but it also makes me very tired. I am taking an untoward number of naps.  I look forward to the first frost.

This semester I am teaching three courses:  Christian Spirituality, Intro to Short Fiction, and
Veritas Symposium ( the replacement for Freshman Seminar).  I am enjoying all three, but the third is requiring much more planning , since it is a new course.  More on these in another entry.

As I write this, I am listening to the melodious conversation of American Goldfinches who are feasting in my window feeder.  Two fledglings are flapping and begging their parent, who is largely ignoring them. After all, if they're big enough to fly to the feeder, they're big enough to feed themselves!