Thursday, May 7, 2009


Long time between postings.

In December, I was diagnosed with Stage IIb cervical cancer. From Jan.5 until Feb.26 I had daily radiation treatments, weekly internal radiation treatments, and weekly chemo. These treatments gave me terrible diarrhea, which caused terribe dehydration,
which caused, among other things, blurred vision. I ended up in our Infirmary from Feb.6 until April 8, recovering. It was truly a dark night experience.
I thought I would never read again, drive again, teach again. Not to mention that I thought I would die very soon.

So at this date, my vision has cleared. I can read again and drive again. I will teach again in the Fall semester. God alone knows when I will die, or if this cancer will be the death of me. It has certainly had an effect on my priorities.

Yesterday I began to write again.