Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Readings and Signings

My new book, Reconnaissance, arrived in very early October.   It looks wonderful!

I gave a reading at the Holy Grounds Café in Emmitsburg on October 16:

Then, this past week on November 6, I gave a reading at the Curious Iguana, an independent bookstore in Frederick MD.  In this photo I am with a woman who was my student back in 1990!

in the meantime, an old boyfriend ( and I mean from way back ... my date for my senior prom!) posted this photo of my on my Facebook page for "Throwback Thursday". This was taken when he visited me in Baltimore in 1971:

I had never seen that photo before.  How my looks have changed in over forty years.

In the meantime, what else has happened?

We moved into our newly renovated quarters in our "convent" - though not a convent, a local community home.   My bedroom is twice the size of the old one, and has a wonderful view. The tree outside is in all its Autumn glory: