Saturday, September 15, 2018

Monarchs and Hurricanes

Hurricane Florence is lingering over North and South Carolina, dumping destructive flooding rains.

That's what's going on now.

As for me, I am rejoicing that those caterpillars have gone to chrysalis mode and some have emerged:

August 23
August 27
As for me,  I have been back teaching since August 20 - almost a month!  I am teaching "Introduction to Poetry"  and "Women of Faith"  this semester.  I told them I no longer wanted to teach the Freshman Comp course. After 19 years, I don't have the energy, and this present generation demands much more energy to keep them engaged.  So I feel somewhat liberated in not teaching them this time around.
And I have finally written some new poems and revised some old ones.  And tonight I sent out poems to three places.
Fennel and Calendula