Saturday, November 30, 2013

Publication news

 Williams Reservoir --- photo by Russell Joseph Reynolds

I'm feeling more upbeat than I was yesterday, primarily because I had a wonderful afternoon in the company of six Higgins cousins from three generations, and the wives of the older three.  These are re-connections after many years, and I am so warmed by them.

In other news, 
I have been writing, and also, sending poems out. Many rejections, but these acceptances, many of which one can read online. A number of these are poems from my first and second books; glad for them to get more exposure.
* My poem "An Active and Personal Devil" will appear in the December issue of Commonthought Magazine, a print journal out of Cambridge Massachusetts.

* I am "Poet of the Week"  for the week of December 2 on the website  Poetry Superhighway:
* Just received word this morning that my poem "If Memory Serves Me" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by  Walking is Still Honest press.

* I have two poems in the November issue of W.I.S.H.( Walking is still honest!)

*Also, poems here:


*Also, Anthology 29, an Anthology of Religious Prose and Poetry, has included five of my poems. The whole anthology is online at ISSUU:

*Also, my interview is up on Molly Spencer's blog "the stanza" . It's about my book which was published last May.

*Also, my poem "Thin Skinned" was published in June in Turbulence, a print journal in the UK.

*Also,my poem "Georgia O'Keeffe Looks Over Her Shoulder" was published at Little Eagle's RE/VERSE .

*Also,I have a poem in this anthology of poems about Alzheimer's, FORGETTING HOME, edited by Anna Evans.

* Also,I'm going to read my poetry on the evening of February 20. at 7:30, in the auditorium of the Takoma Park community center, 7500 Maple Avenue, TP, MD 20912.
Maybe you could come!

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