Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bad Sinus

It's the first lovely Spring day; still cool but sunny.  I wanted to go out to the garden to battle the weeds, but my body had other plans. 

My desk, chair, bedroom floor, and trash can are littered with used tissues. My nose ran for hours, and then all night my sinuses ached ached ached. Then to the cemented up feeling.

This type of sinus infection has happened to me three times in my life.  The first and second times were due to smoke inhalation:  bad venting of a huge fireplace at a retreat house I stayed in with the students,  and a few years later,  sitting in the sanctuary at a St.Joseph's Day Mass and celebration with the seminarians at the Mount, and being almost smothered by the incense, clouds of which kept rolling in throughout.   This time it's due to dust inhalation: we are in the midst of demolition/reconstruction of the wings where I live.  The workers have done everything possible to protect us from the noise and dust, but it still got me.  It hadn't even occurred to me that the dust would give me a sinus infection.  Nothing for it but to try every home remedy, rest, and suffer through it.


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