Monday, December 28, 2009

Poem published in Common Ground Review

The poem is about my experience last winter - had cancer treatments which made me so ill that I was very dehydrated and had blurred vision - couldn't read from Feb. to May. Thought I'd never read again. That was worse than having cancer.


I'm floating on a narrow mattress
on a desert island,
in an ocean of grey floor, pale green walls.
The plane has crashed.
I'm washed up,
stranded here,
cast away into a wilderness
of dehydrated silence.
my blurred eyes cast about
for signs of health,
for signs of death.
But I am a castaway,
shipwrecked by broken bowels,
by waterstarved heart.


Amalee Issa said...

Blimey Anne, you have been through the mill, haven't you. Glad to hear you've come through the other end of it. Now here's a book I couldn't face never reading again. I should warn you, it might grip your heart and break it into bits. Try Ebay if it isn't on Amazon.

The Battle of the Villa Fiorita, Rumer Godden.


Rena B. said...

Congratulations, on the publication and on regaining your sight. I didn't know, of course, that you'd lost it for a time, but I know it must've been horrible.