Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Pouring

We're getting the remnants of Hurricane Lee; right now in buckets. Before the last hurricane, I bought myself a pair of glossy black rubber rain boots; travelling from my office to the classroom building to Patriot Hall ( the dining hall, named by a benefactor for those who died 9/11/01) is wading through many puddles.

  Today I brought my camera to record some of the bright and cheerful rainboots worn by many of the young women around campus. I'm so glad these have become stylish!  In my day, we wouldn't have been caught dead wearing them, and as a result we went around with ruined shoes and constant colds.


Marion said...

They are so cute! So far, I've resisted buying a pair (we've had a drought here in Louisiana up until Lee hit last week...then left us with gorgeous, cool weather) but I think you've convinced me. I'll go for red or pink leopard print. :-)

Amalee Issa said...


I was about to leave a rather racy comment about wellington boots and specialist websites, but then thought better of it... Shall I apologize now?