Monday, October 3, 2011

Another boot entirely

Two weeks ago, I fell down some steps on my way to my 11AM  Intro to Poetry class.  They were concrete interior stairs.  My backpack saved me; I had slipped and both feet went out from under me, but when I landed, the backpack hit the steps instead of my back or head! However, my left foot twisted under me... leaving me with an AVULSION FRACTURE. Never heard of it -  the doctor showed me on the xray.  Seems that this occurs when tendons or ligaments tear away from the bones, pulling pieces of the bone with them.  Yes, it hurt like the devil!  
However, it's not a broken bone ... so I have been outfitted with a walking boot from the Darth Vader Collection ( see photo). It's removable so I can shower and climb into bed. What a relief after the first three days
when it was splinted and I couldn't put any weight on it. 

Foot is still quite swollen and bruised , but not as painful.  I return to the orthopedic doc tomorrow for more xrays and another verdict...

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