Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I heard the Spring Peepers this evening!

Notice the size of this creature!  This evening I heard what were probably hundreds of them indulging in their mating calls. The second photo shows one with his throat expanded in song.

I love the sound they make.  For me, it signals Spring.  I'm reposting a poem from a few years back about them:

Spring Peepers

In spring the frog sounds like a bird
who with his cousins curves the night
around the pond with hot blue songs
that bend the mud and send the slight
sounds shivering into the dark,
across wet pasture, black with sleep

Across the field the undulating
chorus bites through rock and mud
to say the winter yields its howling
to the tough truth’s greening blood
The eyes of songbirds cut the clouds,
their silent flight to north and nest.

1 comment:

Carolyn H said...

I heard a few at my cabin last evening too. And this morning I saw and heard the first phoebe!