Thursday, August 7, 2014

More from the Glen West Workshop

The weather cleared up, and we've had just beautiful days and nights.  The quality of the air, dry and cool, delights me.  The campus looks like an Old West town to me, but more dressed up: simple yet elegant, and built right into the hills.

Outside the student center is a wonderful pond filled with Koi, and framed with evergreen trees and bushes. I watched a hummingbird catching bugs , darting in and out of the branches of one of the trees.

This morning, three of my classmates and I went birding on one of the hiking trails on the campus.
We saw House Finches, Spotted Towhees, Scrub Jays, Robins, a Red-Shafted Flicker,and heard Goldfinches. Many other birds were in there, in the thickets. We even saw a Raven.  The highlight for me , among the many hummingbirds darting around, was a Rufous Hummingbird, the sun glinting on his brillant rusty throat.

Lots of wildflowers, too, though I don't have photos of them, just these columbines:

The classes, talks, and worship services have also been great.  I have learned many things to help me with my poetry.  Will try to go into those in another entry.

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