Friday, February 5, 2016

Voice Work

Today's Prompt on The Daily Post:  Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

I couldn’t think of anyone at first. Needed a woman with an American accent.

Then another blogger was talking about Sylvia Plath.  Sylvia Plath was a gifted poet but an emotional disaster, and she committed suicide at the age of 32. I loved her voice.  If she had lived, she would be 84 today; she could still be writing!  What a loss.   But since she is gone, I tried to think of someone else.


Possibly, Mariska Hargitay, because I love her breathy voice. But it’s not really me.


Then I thought of Kathleen Turner. She would be good. She looks more like me, too.  Though I don’t look as good as she does.  But it’s the voice that matters here.

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