Friday, November 11, 2016

It went downhill from Sunday

Sunday November 6 was a lovely day.  Even though I had come down with a bad head cold, I still was able to speak.

I drove through beautiful sunny November country, through Lancaster county, the land of my ancestors,  down to West Grove, Pa, where I gave a poetry reading as a fundraiser for the West Chester Poetry Center.  So many old friends were there!   They liked the poetry, and I had a good time, too.

I stayed overnight with my friends in West Chester.  By Monday morning, the cold had gotten much worse, and I had no voice.

I drove back to Emmitsburg and had a car crash on Rt. 30  about ten miles west of York.
A three-car rear-ender.  I was the third vehicle, and the other two were large heavy pickup trucks.
I was unhurt, but the car was totaled.

Thus began hours of police, towtrucks, waiting for the sisters to get there to pick me up.

Then, of course, Tuesday was Election Day, when Trump and the Republicans won everything.

A lot of my friends were weeping all over Facebook about this.  I was not.  I was not completely surprised, even though the polls were so wrong.  Too many people in this country hated Hillary.

I cannot imagine what this means for our country. I hope it means all the good things that those who voted for this  think will happen:  more jobs and better economic opportunity for so many who have felt so dismissed and ignored .

Then , on Wednesday I went to the doctor and found I have some really nasty upper respiratory infection.  I'm loaded up with a heavy duty antibiotic called Keflex ( she even gave me a huge shot of it in my behind in the office!) and five days of Prednisone.

Then, yesterday,  Leonard Cohen died.

I have loved his music and poetry since I bought his first album in about 1968:

I loved him when he looked like this:

and I loved him more recently, especially as he was on his Live from London tour in 2008:

I can't decide which one is my favorite song.  The first one I loved was "Suzanne"  but more recently
it is "Halleluiah."

I used to sing "Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye"

Goodbye, dear Leonard.

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