Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our calm hearts strike only the hour

Woman inside Bird  by Yuko Hosaka
My heart is not calm, but the prompt on the "Daily Post" page is the word "calm."
I found this wonderful poem by Jane Kenyon, and had to post it on this page, too:

Notes from the Other Side


 By Jane Kenyon, 1947 - 1995


I divested myself of despair

and fear when I came here.


Now there is no more catching

one’s own eye in the mirror,


there are no bad books, no plastic,

no insurance premiums, and of course


no illness. Contrition

does not exist, nor gnashing


of teeth. No one howls as the first

clod of earth hits the casket.


The poor we no longer have with us.

Our calm hearts strike only the hour,


and God, as promised, proves

to be mercy clothed in light.

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