Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let me hear your voice

Another month gone.

Really, I did almost nothing during these four weeks except prepare my class for the second semester, and that didn't take all my time.

I whiled away the hours listening to all of the Simon Serrallier detective stories I have already listened to, and enjoyed them even more this time.

Actually, I did do a few things.

I went for my annual "full body check" at the dermatologist's, and she located another basal cell carcinoma - a smaller one than last year.  This one was just below my left ear.   So right after New Years,  I went back and the doctor excised it, leaving a scar and about ten stitches.  It looked bad at first, but now it is hardly visible.  More damage from my days in the sun.


I also went to the ear doctor, to have my hearing checked.  I knew I had hearing loss; could tell by the things I couldn't hear my students saying in a class discussion. Sure enough, I scored on the "Moderate to severe" for both ears.   So she fitted me with hearing aids.  I decided on the "top of the line,"  the ones that cancel out background noise and that basically have a mind of their own. Their little computerized batteries recharge overnight when I place them in their docking station!

can't see it when it's in.
the little docking station.
Ironically, I am the youngest sister in my local community, but the only one with hearing aids. Not that the others have such good hearing;  they just can't admit it to themselves. 

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