Saturday, March 19, 2022

how much was mine to keep


This quote doesn't seem to me as much about Slaughterhouse Five as it probably was about Vonnegut himself, and his life.

It feels very much , for me, about my life.

It's a lull time for me; before the real bursting forth of Spring in the garden, though each morning I see a little more green pushing out of the mulch.

Our Mallards are back, too. Two couples so far, two nests under the azaleas. Sister Patricia insists in erecting ugly orange cones on the sidewalk near each nest, though previous experience says that the ducks don't mind out walking by.  I ignore the cones.

No schoolwork to do this weekend; I've been teaching this course for many years and just tweak the lectures and Powerpoints.

In six days my sisters and I will make our vows again.

In two weeks we will have our all-class college alumnae reunion after a hiatus of two years due to COVID, which has loosened its grip on the vaccinated.  So the classes of 1970, 71, and 72 will celebrate their fifty years.  I look at the old photos from my class ( 1970) and look at myself and my classmates today, and I can't believe the time.  

In four weeks, it will be Easter.

In the meantime, on the world stage, Russia continues to bomb Ukraine. The Ukrainians continue to suffer, and the rest of the world continues to pray and worry.

Maybe a nuclear war will come between now and Easter.

Meanwhile, the rabbits are cavorting under the full moon.

Artist:  Maggie Vanderwahl

Here's a March poem by Tessa Rainsford:

Wind in pines

wind on water

wind in rushes

wind on feather


Sun in leaves

sun on loch

sun in reeds

sun on duck


Rain in trees

rain on river

rain in moss

rain on eider


All one morning

all together

in an hour

March weather


Tessa Ransford

art by Lucy Grossmith

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