Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunday's Post on Monday

After that heading, I am reminded of a line in a Beatle's song...Sunday's got a hold on Monday... something like that...

Yesterday , a gorgeous Goldengrove day, was All Saints Day.  This is a short post with some evocative pictures for that day.


Kandinsky's vision of All Saints
and here's my irreverent poem on the subject:
Named after Saints
Holographic Holistic Hagiography
Sounds like Hag Geography.
The mapping of Hags around the world.
Hags I have known,
Hags I’ve only read about,
But this is Hagiography, photography that makes you say Gee!
Not hags, but saints, and those
Named after saints.
Monica, model of worrying mother,
Martin , patron of the torn cloak,
Rose, rubbing pimento into her perfect skin,
Anne- in Leonardo’s sketch, huge earth mother with legs like tree trunks,
Like the bed made out of the tree, the castle built around the bed in the Odyssey,
Saint Hopkins, reporting every sunset,
Saint Merton, still falling in love ,
Lucy, with her eyes on a platter,
Lucy with her eyes on the assembly line chocolates,
John the Baptist and Frank the Methodist
and Marlon the Method.
Who can tell the population of heaven?

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