Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Off to AWP

That acronym stands for "Association of Writers and Writing Programs" and its national conference is in Washington DC this year. So I am going!
This will only be the third time I have gone to this enormous conference; I only go if it's in driving distance. I went to New York in 2008; to DC in 2011, and this year.  Probably I will never go again, because the next few are in far distant cities, and I am getting too old as well.
About 12,000 writers have registered to come to the one this year!
Here is a photo from a recent conference.  This is the enormous Bookfair:
I'm going because it's an opportunity to hear some wonderful readings and panels. Even more, it's an opportunity to visit with writer friends I see rarely.   Thanks to Facebook, there are also "Facebook Friends" I have never met, but with whom I correspond, who are coming.
Some of them, both old friends and Facebook friends:
Diane Lockward
Emilia Phillips
Kate Daniels
Laura Shovan
Gerry Cambridge
Gerry La Femina
April Lindner
Grace Cavalieri
Robert Lee Brewer
Rosemary Winslow
Susan Elbe
Kim Becker
Luke Stromberg
Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Maryann Corbett
Jon Tribble
Jane Satterfield
Allison Joseph
Ned Balbo
Mike Maggio
Sid Gold
Sam Gwynn
Valerie Fox
Joseph Ross
Kim Bridgford
to name a few!

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