Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stumbled Upon: Desmond Egan

Desmond Egan, Irish Poet
The prompt word on Wordpress's  Daily Post today is "Hideout." Since I didn't have any poems using that word, I looked on Google, and the first one that showed up was a YouTube video of Desmond Egan reading his poem by that name.   I just loved it:

Oaks down the road
fall into their own shadows
making the quiet
And not for double decker Dublin
would I swap my little stream,
its imaginary whisper,
its stone bridge for sitting on,
its bank sloping with saplings
and greeny light,
its flicker of midges.
Down there
the sound of a car empties
like an ambulance passing
or the
crinkle of a trout
and everything is othered
by this puzzle of water
barely moving its cloud.
Once I ran away there
and never came back.

 How is it that I have lived this long and have never heard of this poet?  Now I find that there are many sites online that feature him.  I look forward to reading more of his work!

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