Monday, April 6, 2015

Dream During Chemo

National Poetry Month, Day 6

Bad Dreams

Last night I had a long bad dream.  It seemed to go on so long, even included my telling myself it was all a dream and waking up and finding myself still in the dream setting, still dreaming.  I was so relieved, and even tired, when I finally woke up!

It wasn't actually a nightmare.  I dreamed I had been transferred to teach in a middle school in Petersburg Virginia, a place where I did actually teach about 30 years ago. But in this dream I was being transferred overnight, wrenched out of my job/life at the Mount, and plopped back down in Petersburg in my present age. Whew.

I'm not having much luck with poetry writing today, so I decided to post a draft of one about another dream, one I had six years ago, while undergoing chemotherapy. I definitely had what they call "Chemo Brain." 

Dream during Chemo

In the chapel in the summer night

Father Jim. lots of students

Light by candles

Darkness – night bugs caught in my hair

Joanne Cahoon and the story of the monk


Mary Ann Bozel


When you clean your room you look to what is not yours

The darkness and the candles

End of dream :

Leaving after Mass

Students waiting outside

Someone sells me

A world’s finest chocolate bar.

Was this the same dream

Where the church was open to the night sky

With only a wrought iron grillwork roof, all lattice and open,

And the windows too, almost like a screened in porch, but

It was a high ceilinged, peaked beamed roof…

Buzzing in the heat of the summer night….



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